Your Thoughts on a Travelocity Problem

I need a little bit of help with a Travelocity problem I’m having, and I’m curious if anyone who reads the OTR has had a similar issue and how it was resolved:

Short version: I booked a Spirit Airlines ticket on Travelocity ($21 all-in for LaGuardia to Ft. Lauderdale – nice!). The next day I received an email about one of the tickets I booked (I booked 3 different dates) saying Spirit would not confirm the reservation for that one date. Long story short, the problem was not with the $21 fare. Rather, Travelocity said the flight was available at that fare when, in fact, it was not (reasons why this happens are unimportant to this story).

Seats are available on that flight, just not in that fare class. I want Travelocity to give me the seats, but they are saying they can’t do that. Based on their Travelocity Guarantee I think they should do that.

Am I wrong? Are they wrong? Has anyone run into a similar problem? How was it resolved?

Thanks much…


  1. Jared, I think Travelocity should honor the tickets. You should escalate this until you get the correct answer. Here are a few names that might be helpful:

  2. I had a similar experience with Orbitz buying a US Airways ticket and have since refused to book with them. Orbitz’s terrible offshore telephone customer service said all they could do was cancel the ticket because it was “computer error” and the ticket they sold me was not valid. After a few phone calls to try to resolve it and being given the usual call center response, I gave up and booked a higher fare ticket with the carrier directly. Orbitz has no such guarantee, so maybe you’ll do okay with a challenge to Travelocity.

  3. EXPEDIA is even worse(click on my name to read how they tried to scam me 1254.95 U$D). Regarding your problem the “Travelocity Guarantee” is like the “EXPEDIA promise”. Just a marketing tool to get your money, then you ar eon your own.