Airline in India to Pay Fine for Causing Passenger to Miss Wedding

A Delhi consumer court has ordered Air Deccan to pay about $1,600 to a family who missed a wedding because their flight from Delhi to Bagdogra was canceled due to bad weather. The airline says that the cancellation wasn’t their fault, but the court said they did not prove the weather was bad in Bagdogra. Said the consumer court: “The complainant and her family members had suffered a lot of mental pain, agony and emotional harassment due to cancellation of flight.”

Yes, you read that correctly. In the US, the courts have decided that in the event of a long delay, airlines don’t need to provide you with food or toilet. In India, though, you can sue them if your flight is delayed. Sweet.


  1. Well that’s all nice and good but lets say i’m in India and want to find a great travel deal. How am I supposed to do that?