You Will Have Eos to Kick Around Anymore…

Eos Airlines announced that they’ve secured another $50 million in funding meaning:

a) They’ve blown through about $200 million
b) They won’t be going out of business this summer as I had previously thought

Their press release says that they’ll be profitable next year, but every financial press release they’ve ever put out suggests they’ll be profitable the following year.  Given fuel and British Airways’ new product, that’ll be a tough road.  It’s really a great product, though…


  1. Once again you were on the money. Now my question is why couldn’t they close the financing if it were a done deal?

    I’m wondering if they were slapped by the DOT for foreign investments?

    This was so sudden, and believe me when I tell you I know a LOT of Eos folks, and all of them were completely blindsided by this.