Yet Another One: Oasis Hong Kong Shuts Down

Today marks the closing of Oasis Hong Kong, the lowfare airline that promised extremely low prices on flights between Vancouver & London and Hong Kong (service to Oakland was discussed but not launched).  The usual suspects are blamed.  If you were flying Oasis and you’re stuck in one of those cities, Cathay is offering a GBP 160 one-way ticket to help you out.


  1. In an Oct 2006 Forbes article titled, “Low-Cost, Long-Haul — A Long Shot?”, aviation consultant Doug McVitie said, “There is no long haul model for low fares airlines. It just doesn’t work,”.

    McVitie mentioned that its Boeing 747-400 aircraft were not maintenance friendly plus fuel and crew costs would weigh on Oasis’s expenses.

  2. Well done, Doug McVitie :)

    The idea of a low-cost, long-haul airline is a bit of a holy grail…given the cost of fuel when you fly a long distance, it seems an impossible strategy. Won’t stop people from trying, of course.