A Small Item about Those Affected by the Skybus Shutdown

Articles are starting to pour in about passengers being stranded by the shutdowns of Skybus, Aloha and ATA, but we should also remember that as we read sarcastic articles about how poorly run (blah blah blah) these airlines were, that workers’s lives have been truly affected by the shutdowns.

I saw in a post on USA Today’s airline blog that Skybus owes about $50 million to creditors, including Airbus and others.  One name on the list caught my eye: “SourceSpeed, $250,000.”  SourceSpeed is the small business that built and ran Skybus’ website, a fact I know only because they also do work for Eos Airlines, where I have done work in the past.  They are a small business, run by a couple of guys with a slew of contract workers who do the actual coding.  SourceSpeed started working with Skybus shortly before they launched after another company screwed up the site launch.  I know that they worked an insane amount of hours and got the site up on time (even with some minor funny glitches, including a page on Skybus’ site that allowed you to book a limo transfer from Antarctica).

For them, I’m certain, $250,000 is a huge amount of money because it means that either the two founders will have to suck up that cost, or the guys actually doing the coding will have to suck up that cost.  Which, as the previous sentence suggests, simply sucks.  A lot of people beyond the SourceSpeed guys worked their asses off to get Skybus off the ground, and it certainly wasn’t their fault that there was no way that you could make money with a Columbus base flying to tertiary cities.  It’s a shame that they’re the ones who have to pay the price.

So while it’s little consolation, if you’re looking for some strong developers for your airline website, the guys at SourceSpeed are extremely impressive.  And since they’re short about $250k, they may cut you a deal to get the work.  Or not.  I have no idea.


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  2. While Skybus was an epic failure, I must say it was good to be there when the money was loose. I lead the team that created the website and saw it through a wildly successful launch. I then left when they started tightening the belt a little and transitioned the website over to SourceSpeed.

    This was the step they took after Eos and a lot of (all?) SourceSpeed’s eggs were in that basket.

    They’re in the same line of work I’m in – consulting for the New Skies platform (mostly SkySales customization). I got pinged from them when all this went down to see if there was any other work out there. I didn’t realize the extent of the damage until I read this article.

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