President of Palau Refused Boarding on Continental Flight (For Good Reason)

The President of Palau, who was heading back to the Pacific Island nation from the Philippines, was not permitted to board his Continental Airlines flight after he refused to allow airline security to frisk him (as it was doing with all other passengers).  He eventually took a private flight back to his home nation.
Oddly, after takeoff the plane received a bomb threat and had to return to Manila.  Authorities are not saying whether the two incidents are linked, but how crazy would that be if they were.


  1. After being accorded departure honors at Villamor Airbase Pres. Remengesau Jr. and his wife Debbie left for Palau on board a Hawker-800 jet chartered by the Philippine government from San Miguel Corp.

    While Philippine Airlines only serves Carslberg beer aboard its flights I am sure only San Miguel beer was offered aboard the Hawker jet. ;)

  2. Interesting that you imply that the President should’ve been frisked, just like “all the other passengers.” Whether appropriate or not, Heads of State are routinely exempted from this requirement. It was based on that status that he objected to the frisking.

    Sure, here in the US we put our Senators on the no-fly list, but for the rest of the world stopping a national leader and forcing them to submit to a security check is a bit over the top.

    I’m not sure where the communication breakdown came in from, but I’m not surprised that he told the CO Micronesia folks to bugger off nor am I surprised that the phillipine government chartered him a flight home since the insulting action occurred in their airport.