I Guess Airlines Also Die in Threes…Goodbye, ATA

It’s been said that celebrities seem to die in groups of three, and so, too, it appears for airlines:  ATA announced that after losing a major military charter contract, it will declare bankruptcy and cease operations.  More than 2,000 people have been laid off from the 35 year old carrier.

If you’re holding a ticket on ATA, you should contact your credit card company.  If you bought a ticket with Southwest that was being flown on ATA metal, you should contact Southwest (you’ll get where you’re going, don’t worry).

Although ATA announced a shutdown of its Midway operations recently, it’s surprising to see the complete collapse so quickly.  I (and everyone else, I’m guessing) expected them to continue their life as a charter airline, small but with a future.  That all disappeared yesterday, which is especially miserable for the workers.


  1. Sad. Not that I had any loyalties with them. But it’s still sad to see yet another carrier go down, within days of 2 others.

    Only flew them once, to HNL in 2003 on a 753 (which was cool). And I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of food we were offered, along with one free cocktail! The flight attendants however, were kinda scary, in look and demeanor.

    Anyway, goodbye ATA.