Champion Air to Shutter; Don’t Worry, I Have No Sappy Eulogy for It

When Aloha announced that it would cease operations a few days ago, I was impressed by the outpouring of support for the carrier — people were genuinely sad to see it go, as it seemed to represent the end of an era in aviation.

While few harbor ill thoughts about Champion Air, I don’t expect to see sappy columns (eg, the one I wrote 2 days ago) about its demise, which was announced on the same day.   Champion was a charter airline based in Minnesota that started its life as the much celebrated, never copied MGM Grand Air.  Where they once flew luxury 727s across the country, more recently you’ve probably seen these same 727s on the tarmac at Las Vegas flying on behalf of tour operators shuttling people to Tulsa (Editor’s Note:  I don’t actually mean Tulsa.  I mean places like Tulsa.  Whatever that means.  No offense to Tulsanians.  Or, again, whatever.)

As the airline’s CEO said, you can’t make money flying 727s at these oil prices, which is what every other airline could’ve told you when they stopped flying 727s years ago.  (I’m not against old aircraft – I have an airline crush on Allegiant, and they fly old airplanes.  But they can make money doing it.)

In any case, you won’t have Champion Air to kick around anymore.


  1. I absolutely love Champion Air, seeing as how I live in TULSA! they are a great airline and luckily i will have the pleasure of flying the t-tailed tigress one last time on may 29 (the day before they officially stop flying). Im so excited yet so sad to see them go. I know Allegiant will do an incredible job taking over the routes. We (or I at least) will always remember the great service and attitude of Champion Air.