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British Airways Sends Misplaced Luggage to Milan (not for vacation)

I haven’t written anything about the rather unpleasant opening of the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow, but if you haven’t heard anything about it, just know that basically anything that could go wrong has.

British Airways has acquired a large backlog of misplaced luggage that has reached either 19,000 or 28,000 depending on whom you ask.    Regardless, the most interesting part, I thought, was that BA is sending some of that luggage by truck to Milan to a luggage sorting facility where it will be forwarded on to its rightful owners in Europe.  It turns out that Heathrow’s facility can’t handle any more lost luggage, and it will be faster for the luggage to be trucked to Italy than to be put on a plane in London.  It’s gotten so bad that the Prime Minister has weighed in, tsk tsking the airport authority (BAA) and British Airways for their handling of the situation.

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  1. “misplaced luggage that has reached either 19,000 or 28,000 depending on whom you ask”

    19,000 if you ask a European; 28,000 if you ask an American – based on the latest exchange rate :)

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