Travvies Nomination

Mark Ashley over at UpgradeTravelBetter is once again running the Travvies, a bunch of awards for travel blogs.  He’s looking for nominations, and if you like Online Travel Review, it will only take a second to click here and write in the comments that you’d like to nominate this site for best single-author travel blog.  Of course if you don’t like this site, I’m not sure why you’re reading it.  But then again I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh specifically because he drove me crazy.  So there ya go.  Anyway, thanks for your support.


  1. You are my bread and butter for the latest airline news and funny reviews, so I will vote for ya Jared.

    By the way, I flew in and out of Newark a few weeks back to drop by the New York Times Travel Show. Of course my flights were delayed in the most delayed airport in the US, if I am not mistaken…. Well I had a chance to have a chat with the EOS reps and check out their seats… they had to wake me up, so I I will overlook their stupidity this time.

    We can chuckle at the Newark faux-pas…. but Lord help us if they were an airline flying from London to Toronto and made the same mistake. You would have a country up in arms. We all know Ottawa is the capital up there, don’t we, eh??

    No flack.. Canadians are cool. Peace out.