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Skycaps Sue American Airlines for Baggage Fees

A group of Skycaps in Boston are suing American Airlines for the tips they’ve lost since the airline instituted a $2-a-bag fee for curbside check-in.  The Skycaps say they used to make about $200 a day in tips (whoa), but that’s been cut back to about $70 a day, as most passengers assume they get to keep the $2 (they don’t).  The civil suit says that American is effectively keeping the $2 in tips and they are suing to get the $2-per-back back.  I’d be shocked if they win (editor’s note: I have no legal training, and I have no idea whether this case has any merit.)

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  1. Ivan R. Sagent

    Just wondering if Mr. Pasuy has been paying taxes on his $50,000/yr of cash income that he has now admitted he collects.