Woman Sues American Airlines After Man, Uh, Commits Act of Onanism in Seat Next to Her

As my mother reads this website, I’ll just say this:  A woman is suing American Airlines because the passenger in the seat next to her was doing something to himself that people typically don’t do in public and the resulting aftermath was reminiscent of a scene in There’s Something About Mary.  American denies responsibility, though their old slogan “Something Special in the Hair” (or was it Air?) seems fitting…


  1. Good thing I wasn’t in that seat.

  2. A crazy once-in-a-lifetime story, of course, but I wonder exactly what the airline could/should have done to prevent it. My recollection is the victim claims the cabin crew saw the “attacker” change seats to sit in her row. OK, I guess, but does that mean the crew must stop people from switching seats?

    It seems that in our society people always want to blame someone else when something bad happens to them. In this case, of course, the “attacker” should definitely be punished. But to say AA is somehow responsible for this is a tad ridiculous.

    But perhaps one good thing could come from holding AA liable. Maybe the airline will require its fa’s to do more “cabin checks.” Every time I fly AA, the crew seems to disappear after one meal/beverage service. If somebody was around to offer me a glass of water (particularly after several hours in the air), I’d be grateful — and think kindly of this overly litigious lady. :)

  3. I’m not sure you can actually blame AA, but I imagine if this happened to me (and I pray this does not ever happen to me) I would sue everyone in my path.

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