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The Travel Angle to the Spitzer Story

I’ve been pretty mesmerized by the Eliot Spitzer story, so I wanted to at least point out the one travel-related note found in the indictment against the people running the prostitution agency.

Spitzer agreed to pay $4,000 plus travel expenses for four hours of his companion’s time.  The travel expenses included hotel, food and train fare from New York to Washington.  The indictment notes that the woman took the 5:39pm train which, you’ll note, is Amtrak’s slow regional service, rather than the faster, more comfortable Acela.

The governor was obviously trying to be fiscally responsible (or as fiscally responsible as possible, considering he was spending $4,000 for a prostitute), as the 5:39 regional train arrived 15 minutes AFTER the 6pm Acela train.  He did manage to save $220 on this part of the transaction by making the woman take the slow train, which, at those rates, would pay for roughly 13 minutes of her time.  Well done.  Now, if he had only Priceline’d the room in DC…

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  1. The Mayflower is an odd choice for a hotel. Nice old hotel, but the rooms are small and the walls, well, might be a bit thin. Also the bed isn’t so great. I’d think he’s splurge for something a bit more comfortable.