Delta to Launch Flights to Guyana

Delta announced that it will launch nonstop flights from JFK to Georgetown, Guyana, beginning in July – fares are about $600 round trip for the 4x weekly service.  Much has been made of Delta’s international expansion, and I’ll give them a ton of credit for trying some of the more obscure visiting-friends-and-relatives (ie, VFR) markets like this one.

But I haven’t really seen anyone mention that Delta has basically looked at tiny North American Airlines’ route map and copied it.  The small carrier flew from New York to Georgetown, Accra, and Lagos — all markets served (or to be served) by Delta.  It is perhaps, then, coincidence that NAA announced they are pulling out of those markets entirely and redeploying the planes on charter routes.  They blame rising fuel costs, but Delta’s appearance couldn’t have helped.


  1. Shaline Sookdeo

    need more information….please

  2. stop delta to go to guyana reason tickets too expensive it tripple fare now guyana need to bycout this plane now by stop travling with it this is not fare it is robery.

    delta charge too high fare