Ryanair to Shut Website for 3 Days

Airline reservations systems are notoriously complex — the integration of US Airways’ with America West’s was a major issue when the two carriers merged.

But it’s still a bit of a surprise to read that Ryanair will shut its website for 3 days (Feb 22-25) as they switch to a new booking system.  The move will likely cost them about $45 million in missed bookings, as about 98% of their reservations come through their website.  Their call center (centre) also will be unavailable for reservations.  In addition – and this is important if you have a ticket – you won’t be able to make changes during that period either.

It’s just a matter of time before Michael O’Leary tells customers not to complain about the shutdown because at Ryanair’s fares, you can’t possibly expect to actually be able to book tickets.


  1. Once again, Ryanair sets the bar for impeccable customer service! Next thing you know they’ll be charging people to view their website.