Lufthansa: German Travel Agents Are Going to Pay

For you airline distribution nuts out there (?):  Lufthansa is now charging German travel agents 30 Euro ($60) for the right to sell a Lufthansa round trip flight.  Why would you care about this?  Because if this catches on, we could start to see discriminatory fares (ie, you’ll pay up to $60 extra) when you book anywhere other than with the airline directly.  I don’t expect this to happen in the US tomorrow, but just know that it’s on the backburner, and this wouldn’t be good news for corporations, who will be sucking up most of these charges.


  1. similar tactics were tried on in UK, it end up with airlines being boycotted by suppliers and travel agents. let’s hope Lufthansa will eventually come to its senses:/

  2. Well, i guess thought we already had this in the US since our local travel agent had to start charging $30 per reservation internationally and there’s a $5 service fee on expedia and orbitz isn’t there? Not much, but still…