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SriLankan Airlines Fires CEO Because Country’s President Was Bumped from Flight

An odd one from Sri Lanka:

The Sri Lankan government has canceled the work permit of the CEO of SriLankan Airlines (which effectively means he’s fired) after the country’s president was told there was not enough room on a flight from London to Colombo to accommodate him and his 35-person entourage.  Government officials say that the airline assured them there would be room for the whole group but they were wrong.  The president’s group refused a re-routing through the Middle East, and they chose to charter a flight home.  To get back at the airline, the government revoked the CEO’s work permit.

And US airline CEOs think they have it hard.

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  1. Stupid but that’s what I call vindication!

  2. I wonder how Emirates is going to respond…if at all. If I was a 50% owner I would be pissed…..