MAXjet’s Days Numbered: Requests Shares not Be Traded

Alas poor MAXjet, we hardly knew ye:

The lowfare business class airline has asked that trading in its shares be suspended until it clarifies its financial position.  They are not doing this because their financial position is even better than everyone thought.  When Eos and MAXjet were the only two small carriers flying New York to Stansted, they had a chance because they were so differentiated.  Once Silverjet (slightly more expensive, much better product though they fly to Luton), and American (worse product, but frequent flyer program) entered, and fuel prices roughly doubled from they launched, it was pretty much over by then.  Sure, they’ll still be around for a bit, but this is a terrible sign.  Shame – you could get a pretty nice seat over to London for $1200 round trip.  I’d expect Silverjet to up their fares a bit closer to Eos once MAXjet is gone.


  1. Interestingly, Silverjet announced they were coming to the rescue of Maxjet customers offering them seats on Friday and Saturday. See here:

    As you say, will also be interesting to see what Silverjet do to their fares now Maxjet seem to be dropping out of the race.