Airline Espionage in Canada

A bit of airline espionage in Canada:  Wasaya Airways, a small Thunder Bay-based airline, has been accused by cross-town rival NAC Air of stealing a password for their airfare pricing system.  NAC noticed that every time they changed a fare, Wasaya would immediately undercut them.  The fares were primarily for Heath Canada workers flying to remote parts of Canada to provide medical care to First Nation (I believe we would call them Inuit) communities. 

Strangely, a similar accusation was made by Air Canada that a Westjet executive was hacking into their pricing systems a couple of years ago.

(Editor’s Note:  A reader correctly points out that First Nations in Northern Ontario typically refers to Cree and Ojibway, not Inuit, who are located further North.  I shall now promise never, ever to get involved with Canadian anthropology again.)

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