Singapore Airlines: Please Don’t Have Sex in Our Beds…and the 2000th Post!

First off, this is the OTR’s 2,000th post, which seems crazy to me.  Think of everything else I could’ve been doing over the past few years.  Sheesh.

Singapore Airlines has gently suggested that passengers who have booked their first class suites (that include a double bed) on their A380s not have sex in the bed.  Says a spokesperson, "if couples engage in inappropriate activities we will kindly request them to stop.  There are acceptable and unacceptable things in an airplane."  I’d hate to be the person who has to ask them to stop.


  1. Luxury airline Silverjet are obviously a bit more relaxed about sex on board judging by their video about lesbians in the loo (is that Joanna Lumley?)

  2. Thanks for all the 2000 plus postings.

    At least it’s good to see Singapore publicly talking about this issue upfront instead of just waiting for something to happen. Do you think they will they be passing out literature with a warning to double bed (mile high) passengers? People cannot hug or cross the middle line? Same rights for straight and gay? Seems like a new can of worms to me… but at least Singapore is being progressive not reactive here… a naive airline would say “like we never in our wildest dreams like thought this would like happen”.