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Singapore Airlines Pilots Fired for Prank Calls

A 30-year veteran pilot for Singapore Airlines faces jail time (?!) and the loss of his job for making prank calls last year from Singapore.  As a joke, the pilot called several fast food restaurants in Surrey, British Columbia, and ordered food to be delivered to a pilot friend of his.  Singapore, which apparently doesn’t mees around in matters telephonic, has strict laws about making prank phone calls.  The pilot’s passport has been impounded, and he’s out on $8,000 bail.  Damn!

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  1. He’s lucky he wasn’t caned…

  2. Got burned when I was a kid. A bunch of “friends” were making pranks calls, and one of them passes the phone to me…. I go off on a tangent only to find out a few seconds later that I was talking to my mother… I sobered up real quick.

    This historical moment in my life does not even touch the mountain of a …. hole this pilot got himself into though. Ouch…. Singapore does not mess around!!