Boeing Delays Delivery of 787s by 6 Months

You’ve probably seen it elsewhere, but Boeing announced that it will be 6 months late delivering the new 787 – launch customer ANA now expects to see the aircraft next December.  The bigger miracle is that new planes are ever delivered on time considering how complex it is to design a new airplane.

…and on a completely unrelated note (I’m on a bad connection and it’s taking too long to put up a separate post)…I try not to bore you with personal travel tales, but I found this enjoyable:  on a Continental flight yesterday, we were delayed 30 minutes on the ground and they allowed passengers to get off the plane (bravo).  At the time we were told to be back on the plane, one of the passengers had not yet returned. 

A gate agent went to tell the passenger to get on the plane, and he asked if he could have a minute because he was on the phone.  They gave him a minute, he did not get off the phone.  So a flight attendant removed took his carry-on out of the overhead bin, gave it to the gate agent, and closed the airplane door with the passenger still on the phone in the jetway.  The flight attendant then told the story over the PA system, which lead to a round of applause from all passengers.  Nicely handled.


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