Southwest to Keep Open Seating

For some reason there’s been lots of Southwest news lately:

The airline announced that it will keep its much-loved and much-hated open seating policy after tests showed that customers preferred (huh?) the open seating.  They’re tweaking the current system a bit, further subdividing the boarding groups and giving you a specific number in line (ie, you’ll be given A37, and you’ll stand behind A36.  10 points for guessing who you stand in front of.  Correct answer:  woman with too-short miniskirt who is trying to milk every ounce of publicity she can.  Wait, I wasn’t talking about that.  I was talking about boarding processes.  Sorry.)

The new boarding will be introduced everywhere by early November.


  1. Can’t wait to see how they’re gonna get this to work. It’s hard enough lining up in seating A, B or C, now passengers have to line up in NUMERICAL order.

    Good luck WN. Yet another reason I steer clear of them