Spirit CEO to Customers: We Owe You Nothing

Spirit’s CEO has gotten a bit of a black eye when this story came out, which features him sending a nasty(ish) response to a couple of disgruntled passengers who had written to him asking for compensation for a flight delay.  What they had asked for was ridiculous, but the CEO, who meant to only send the reply ("we owe him nothing") to someone internally, hit "reply all" by mistake, sending the note to the passenger.  Oops!

(Thanks to Brenda for the heads up…) (Wait, women I’m not related to read this site?  Really?  Who knew?)


  1. She’s technically your “friend-in-law”

  2. Wow, that Brenda girl sounds AWESOME. And surprisingly well informed about the travel industry for a woman who isn’t related to you.

  3. And now, thanks to Brenda, another woman you’re not related to is reading your blog! And finding it rather humorous at that!

  4. You know what I like?

    When CEO’s know how to use email correctly.

  5. I’m not only a woman, but I’m not one related to you and I’ve never met you, but I’m a regular reader. I’ve even cited you on the Aviation Week blogs!

  6. Isn’t this why CEOs should utilize their Admin Assistants and give them a raise too!!!

  7. I’m glad to hear that:

    1) A number of women not related to me are reading the site. That makes me feel a little better.

    2) Brenda actually has friends.

    And I’d like to clarify that Brenda is a future friend-in-law and currently a living-in-sin-in-law.

  8. Wait, my daughter is living in SIN?!?!?

  9. Don’t feel bad: I lived with Doug for 2 years, so I lived in sin, too.

  10. Totally adding your site to a favorite. You’re funny. And I see where Brenda gets her great sense of humor (presumably “Brenda’s Dad” is…Brenda’s dad.) I’ll have to remember to leave my holy water at home next trip. Thanks for the tip. ;)