Hijacking Thwarted in Turkey

Americans should consider ourselves lucky that hijacking, which was once a moderately common occurrence here, basically no longer happens here.  The same cannot be said for other parts of the world.  Case in point:  An Atlas Air flight from Cyprus to Istanbul was hijacked over the weekend, with the hijackers demanding that they be flown to Iran.  The pilots (somehow) convinced them that they needed to refuel in Antalya, Turkey.  Once landed, the pilot, either in a brilliant or cowardly move (depending on whom you ask), jumped out of the plane after it landed, leaving the hijackers with the passengers. 

The hijackers then decided to free the women and children, but as this was happening, passengers opened the rear doors and escaped, leaving only 4 behind.  Several hours later the 4 hostages were freed and the hijackers arrested. 

The plane was hijacked to protest something or other by the US.  I know, that doesn’t make any sense.

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