Stuff Keeps Falling Off Planes

Two odd incidents in the past week where stuff has fallen off a plane into people’s yards:

A 2 foot piece of metal from a Northwest DC-9 fell into a family’s yard in Wisconsin last week.  No one was injured.  Said the home’s owner: "I was coming out with the
laundry basket to hang my laundry, and I noticed … a large, large
piece of metal in my yard…I
thought, ‘Oh, my goodness. That looks like an airplane wing.’ But I
thought, ‘How can that be?"’ It can be.

In the other incident, a 25 pound landing gear door fell of a Mesa-operated United Express flight in Maryland, again injuring no one.  Said a spokesperson: "the landing gear door is not necessary to land the plane, because it
needs to retract. Customers on the flight were always safe."  Yes, but what about the people on the ground?  And how about acknowledging that crap dropping out of the sky is inherently unsafe?  Hello?

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