Delta Ups a Bunch of Fees

USA Today reports that Delta has increased a bunch of its fees without bothering to let people know (ah, sneaky).  Telephone reservations now cost $20, same day standby will cost you $50, and (most annoying of all) a $75 fee to book a "free" ticket within 20 days of departure.  We can assume others will match these increases.


  1. That is ridiculous. The other airlines better not follow up soon. They should realize how bad an idea it is.

  2. They’re following up. JetBlue raised its change fees from $25 to $35.

  3. This is disgusting. Delta is actually charging to use the “free miles” you’ve already earned and paid dearly for. Does the transaction for an award travel ticket cost the airline more because it’s booked on the 19th day instead of the 20th day before travel. Delta, this is NOT a way to retain loyal customers. I’m a Gold Medallion and I do NOT like this change.