New York Passes Airline Passenger Bill of Rights (Basically)

New York’s governor signed into law a bill that requires airlines to provide food, water, working restrooms and fresh air (?) to passengers who have waited more than 3 hours on the tarmac for a plane to depart.  A spokesperson for an airline trade group says they are "disappointed" by the law (as if the airlines have not brought this upon themselves). 

To be fair, one reason airlines are against this is because forcing a plane that has been delayed 3 hours to return to the gate for food will simply cause further delays, including possibly causing the crew to time out, which could cancel the flight altogether.

But by taking such a harsh stance against any passenger rights laws, the airlines end up looking like uncaring nutcases (which is pretty much how they’ve acted).


  1. OK – I know you are against Passenger Bill of Rights — and I agree the scheduling issues make it harder to come to a solution than just passing a new law. But the EU version — heavy penalities for delayed/cancelled flights — seems to work.

  2. Well I guess they need to find some middle ground. Because taking a harsh stand in either direction will just cause more problems.

  3. I’m not at all against a Passenger Bill of Rights. I understand why the airlines are fighting it from an operational standpoint, but they’ve completely brought this upon themselves. They’ve acted, collectively, like idiots, and, now, this is what they have to deal with.

  4. The airlines can go to hell as far as I’m concerned because that is what they say to all of us every day by the shameful way they treat us. Since the Governemtn baile d out on the railways and bends to the powerful airline lobby on every thing they ask for, the only thing that regulates the industry now is greed. They should be sued and in some instances jailed for what is indeed criminal behavior. They put some passengers lives at risk. Not allowed to get off the plane? Excuse me? Imprisoned in a hot box with no air conditioning? These are not exceptions to the rule anymore. They are the rule.

  5. Spitzer for President! A great man.