American Airlines to Test In-Flight Wi-Fi

Give American Airlines some credit here:  The carrier says that they will test on-board wi-fi on its 767-200s beginning next year.  The CEO of the company providing the technology (AirCell) says that airlines can break even if they charge $10 to use it.  Not too shabby…


  1. It seems that American Airlines really decided to shape up and listen to what fliers wanted. Between looking at offering wifi and improving its whole customer service program, perhaps there is hope for AA yet!

  2. Yeah, I just wish they would bring back More Room in Coach…..

  3. American Airline is the worst airline I’ve tried. Airplane sucks. plane airconditioning not working. check-in agent during cancelled flight is very unprofesional. Rude. No matter what they put in as an add on, I would still not fly American Airline. We got dehydrated during the flight.

  4. Well vacationist, lots of times the worst airlines are the ones with the most incentive and will to improve. Let’s hope AA has turned over a new leaf?