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Ghana Fails to Blackmail Lufthansa

(Thanks to View from the Wing…)

An odd one on an otherwise slow news day:

Lufthansa has pulled out of its daily flights from Frankfurt to Accra, Ghana, after 40 years because they feel they’re being forced to pay a bribe to Ghana’s fledgling national airlines.  Ghana’s government had required Lufthansa to pay a "tax" that would be used to help finance the new national carrier, Ghana Airways.  Lufthansa refused to pay what basically amounts to a bribe, and so they have cancelled all service to the country.  Now, Ghana’s president is outraged, blaming the airline for stranding Ghana’s citizens in Germany.  If they didn’t pay the fee, Ghana’s government would only allow twice weekly flights.  Lufthansa refused.  Bravo to Lufthansa for not putting up with this crap.

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  1. I think it is irresponsible on the part of Lufthansa to cease flying on a route that it has served for more than 40 years. No matter the disagreement the airline has with the government of Ghana, just packing up and leaving and telling its customer to go to hell, to me smacks of irresponsibility.

    It was proper for Lufthansa to pay for five other landings that it acquired as part of an agreement with the defunct Ghana Airways. That was not paying a bribe. Lufthansa’s behavior demonstrates how much it holds Africa and Africans in ridicule. It ignored the fact that it had hundreds of passengers holding tickets and eventually disrupted their travel plans. I doubt it would pull such a prank in a European country. LUFTHANSA’S BEHAVIOR IS TANTAMOUNT TO BULLYING.

    I think the government of Ghana should begin to look into levelling the playing field. If Lufthansa feels it is not financial feasible for them to fly two days a week to Accra, Ghana International should have its slots to Germany increased from its current number (whatever it may be).