The Worst Travel Article Ever Written

Slate has published the worst travel article ever written.  Under the headline, "The Worst Airline in the World" it publishes what is basically a list of complaints about delays on TAM suffered by the writer during a recent vacation in Brazil.  While I loathe articles that use a handful of delays to indict an airline’s competency or safety, this goes even further, somehow tying together the poor writer’s delay with the deaths of 200 people on a TAM flight to Sao Paulo, suggesting that similar reasons caused both situations. 

That a reputable (and usually quite good) publication like Slate would actually publish this pile of crap is just pathetic.  Please, go read it (see link above).  You’ll love where she complains about the quality of the hotel the airline puts her in, then makes a nice leap suggesting that because the hotel’s infrastructure was weak, that the whole transportation and tourism infrastructure must be weak, and hence 200 people died. 

This is a vile pile of crap, and I can’t believe Slate paid someone for it.  Blech.


  1. agreed. I read it and wondered why the hell the editors would allow it. Zero information and it reads like an angry passenger on airlinequality. And the horror stories are not even horror stories. Let me tell you and the goat and Aeroflot…..

    (or Air Madrid)
    (or Indian Airlines on a good day)
    (or AeroPeru)
    (or Aerolinas Argentina in a 747)

  2. Great points, Charlie. It does sound oddly like

    And you are more than correct — anyone who has flown outside the more developed world has suffered fates far worse than a delay (at least TAM put her up for a night!). Anyone has has traveled widely can talk about flights being delayed for days with no warning, or having aircraft not show up, or flying on rickety old Soviet aircraft, or whatever. It’s all part of the adventure of travel.

    Now I’m mad again just thinking about the article. Dammit.

  3. Tucano Bandeirante

    What is this woman smoking? Has she ever heard of the hub-and-spoke system? Every airline in the world herds travelers through their hubs. TAM would be broke if they flew the Manaus-JFK route she seemed to be whining about. And to say her experience was a warning about the tragic TAM crash? Unconscionable and irresponsible. I hope airline customer service agents put her name in their databases and make her sit in the middle seat — or next to the toilet — on her flights for the next 5 years. Then let’s talk about her suffering in Brazil!!

  4. ok, not disagreeing about the article. (elizabeth spiers!) but, an observation: i’ve flown in & out of GRU & Rio probably 10 times, maybe more. every stinking time, the airport closes for hours due to “fog.” now, if that is a real safety concern, ok. but given this well-established natural occurrance, are these the best locations for hub airports?

  5. I’ve had the great displeasure of dealing personally with this snotty little b**ch.

    A typical overprivileged yuppie airhead with a great sense of self-importance.

    The article was no surprise to me.