Senators Tell Delta How to Do Route Planning

I found this to be annoying:

USA Today is reporting that Delta will drop service from Binghamton, NY, to JFK and Atlanta in September because they could not make the route profitable.  That’s not annoying.  What’s annoying is that NY Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton "blasted" the decision, with Schumer saying, "Delta’s move is premature and poorly thought out. The New York City
service had a solid start, and Delta needs to give it time to take root
and let it prosper, while the Atlanta route has consistently carried a
high volume of passengers."  Schumer also works in route planning for Delta?

What’s annoying is that when the airlines go bankrupt they get called to task by Congress for running their businesses into the ground.  Then these senators start whining that the airlines aren’t continuing unprofitable routes.  Please, stick to what you know best (I don’t know what that is, specifically…)


  1. Maybe the Senators should suggest that if the carrier cannot make a profit doing business in Binghamton (doesn’t everyone vacation there?) they fly to Iraq to bring home some soldiers. Or do the Senators have more important things to worry about.