Child Thrown Off Plane For Saying “Bye Bye”

A Continental Express flight attendant had a 1 1/2 year old child and his mother removed from a flight from Houston to Oklahoma City because the baby repeatedly said, "bye bye plane" during the flight attendant’s safety speech.  The flight attendant was annoyed that the baby was talking during her spiel, and told the mother, "OK, it’s not funny anymore. You need to shut your baby up."  Then suggested to the mother that she give the baby Benadryl to put him to sleep.  After she refused, the flight attendant called security, who escorted her off the plane.

Oh, I should mention that the passenger had just enjoyed an 11 hour delay getting to Houston from Atlanta.

The fun summer of travel continues…


  1. This is getting out of hand. Airlines need to remember that we’re their customers. The excuse of security as a means to a vendetta is just bogus. There needs to be reprocussions to this.
    My wife is travelling with our toddler and infant from Oklahoma to Chicago tomorrow. I shudder to think what sort of shenanigans they might face.

  2. I won’t fly Continental ever again. Will you?

    Problem is, they will get into Union dispute, file bankruptcy, the government will bail them out, and the top people will walk away will millions lining their pockets. and the beat goes on…

  3. Ok, I understand people need to travel with kids. But, parents MUST control the children in these enclosed spaces. Not everyone finds their kids as adorable as they do. That said, I believe the FA acted quite professionally in that she takes the importance of the safety announcements seriously. I’ve been on many flights where you couldn’t hear the announcements over the younger travelers. I prefer to fly with those who take my safety seriously.

  4. Importance of safety announcements??? Are you serious? Seat belt, blah blah, oxygen…blah blah blah… seat as a flotation device….

    The flight attendants themselves barely pay attention them as they are sharing the information.

    Service on planes has become nearly non-exsistent… On a recent flight to Jamaica I had requested a pen to fill out the customs docs and I received outright attitude from the flight attendant instead. I’m sure there was a better way to deal with the child.

  5. Control a child? You’re clearly not a parent.

  6. Jayson,

    Shut the f-up. The 1 1/2 yr old child couldn’t possibly do any harm to any announcement or security measures. The FA must be an ugly barren bi*ch to be so rude to the baby and the mother. And if you share the same attitude, you are not any different either.

  7. i will never fly that airline again that is absolutely crazy and disgusting that another woman would treat a mother that way

  8. I believe that Continental does not see families with small children. It maybe because they are wooing for the business traveler, who does not want an annoying kid next to him/her on their work travels. I’ve had very bad experiences with FAs on Continental too.
    They should just probably come out and say that they do not prefer families with children flying on their planes.

  9. Escorted off frontier flight by police for defending wife and children!!!

    We were on Frontier airlines flight from Denver to Fort Myers today and my wife and my 3 and 18-month boys were harassed mercilessly by flight attendant named Denise and another moderately obese flight attendant with dark hair. The minute we got on the plane they harassed about our car seat being legal (we have used the same very popular seat on every flight for 3 years- never heard a word). I am 1K for United, but thought we would try the direct TV for the kids on Frontier HUGE MISTAKE. First the flight attendant scolded me for spending too much time getting toys out of the overhead for my 18 month old that was fussy. Then she mercilessly harassed and talked down to my wife on how she did not know how to calm my three old (she suggested coloring books we were on our third coloring book, 2nd movie, fifth new toy) she incredibly condescending. My wife cried for an hour on the flight due to their harassment Then my three year old fell in the wet bathroom walking in and had the door slam as a result.

    This led to POLICE escorting me off the plane when we landed as a threat to the plane. I am a well-respected professor of anesthesiology and intensive care at the University of Colorado (Part of my career was caring for severely burned and injured children Shriner’s – I know kids), Which I was later told, was due to slamming the door (while protecting my 3 year old- they never asked about that though). I was off the plane my wife was left with two screaming children and all the luggage with no help. It pure nightmare from a bad movie. I was questioned for 30 minutes and then told to go on my way with no charges and no explanation of their accusations. My wife and kids cried for an hour. Luckily, a number of passengers gave me cards to tell their side of the story as they felt we were totally abused and mistreated.

    How would you take this to a higher authority at Frontier and perhaps the news stations in Denver? Perhaps datelineNBC or a similar? Help !

  10. This comment is for Jayson and any other child-loathing pricks out there. Stop your whining…I have to say that the mother from Atlanta exercised some real self control, because if a FA ever told me to shut my child up and then told me to drug my child she would absolutely get punched in the face. Who the hell are you to speak to someone about their child that way? If you do not like to encounter children in your travels then fly a private jet. Because those of us with children pay for our tickets just like everyone else. And as a mother with an eight month old daughter who is teething, there is only so much you can do to comfort your child. Any parent can attest to that. And if you do not like children,black people,gay people,small animals,overweight people,handicap people,old people, and all the rest you should not be a FA, because serving those people is a part of your job. You need to remeber that the airline buisness is still trying to recover form 9-11, and it is the paying customers, many of whom have children, who make it possible for you to still have a job. God help the person who ever has the balls to speak to me or my child that way.

  11. FA too many years

    I’m just now seeing this post. I have been a flight attendant for 12 years. I have never had that situation in that time so it makes me ask what happened? If i have never had that happen some thing must have happened and i’m going to assume and actually probably 100% assure the flight attendants did not instigate what happened. I have never had anybody questioned for 30 min even when they where smoking onboard. So obviously, you were doing something else who knows what?! I have to question if you where a United frequent flier why were you flying Frontier? Was it the cheap fare ?? I think most likely! You get what you pay for!!!

  12. FA too many years

    Valerie, I welcome your punch in the face as I see you get carted off to jail!!!! Have fun with the inmates!!
    p.s. Who’s going to take care of your child when you are in jail for punching a flight attendant????? NICE!


    Go burn in hell you muther fucker.