British Airways Loses Cricket Trophy

Think you were annoyed the last time an airline lost your luggage?

India’s cricket team was returning from Belfast following a victory over South Africa in a cricket tournament.  When they arrived back in India, they discovered that British Airways lost the trophy the team had one (as well as the Man-of-the-Series award (ie, MVP award) won by one of the players).  British Airways says that they still have no idea where the trophy is.  More than 100 pieces of luggage from the flight were misplaced.


  1. Scary! I wonder how the PR monkeys are going to turn this story around.

    Glad it’s India and not Pakistan. Remember not so long ago the Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer was found deceased his hotel room in Jamaica just because they lost.

    This is like the NFL trophies being lost!!

    Wouldn’t you think there would or could be a policy of allowing them to carry the two trophies on board the plane? These trophies are one of a kind things.

    Having worked in an airline baggage office before, I sure as hell would not have wanted to be the agent filing the lost luggage report… Period!

  2. WOW. Talk about bad luck.

    But personally, I would never check a trophy into baggage. Too valuable.