Illegal Indian Workers Get Special Airfares

This is kinda interesting:  The UAE has offered a 3-month amnesty to Indian workers who are in the country illegally.  Now, in response, airlines are tripping over each other to offer special one-way fares to these workers to they can get home.  Think about that.  Imagine American, Continental and Delta offering illegal Mexican workers advertised cheap fares back to Mexico.  Cheaper than what Americans could get.  What kind of a freak out would there be here?   There appears to be no freak out in India. 

Anyway, thought that was interesting…


  1. I would think Indians would be very thankful, and good on the airlines for doing so especially since a lot of the foreign construction workers who are building the UAE get paid next to nothing… just read an article on Gulf News and on the salary works out to be 4 USD per day.
    (under pay and conditions heading)

    In Dubai, for example, the national population is regularly reported to be under 20% of the total population, so the mindset of people in the UAE may be different. There has also been a lot of foreign labor unrest and protests in the streets.

    But the sad part is that many of the illegals will return as we see here in America…. a cat and mouse game.

    America is not the only country that needs immigration reform and more laws and protection for foreign workers are needed.

  2. Wow. Yeah you never really imagine illegal immigration in other countries. Like, central Americans immigrate illegally to Mexico. But that is an interesting solution. Discount one way flights to Mexico for illegals. Hah