Tell the Government You Want More $$ for Getting Bumped

The Department of Transportation is seeking comment from the public about whether airlines should be forced to pay additional compensation for involuntarily bumping people from their flights.  Given the near-90% loads this summer, this would be a good idea for passengers.  Currently, airlines need only pay $200 in compensation if they involuntarily bump someone but get them on a flight that leaves within 2 hours (it’s $400 if it’s more than 2 hours later).  The DoT is considering upping that to about $600 and $1,200.  For $1,200, they can feel free to bump me.


  1. not sure that is fair for the airlines. I suspect weather and ATC overload are now responsible for the majority of bumps, not overly greedy airline overbooking.

  2. This isn’t about delays, this is about overselling the seats. Alas, it’s entirely about the airlines selling more seats than they have.