20% Of Air Tahiti Nui Staff Suspended for Drug Trafficking

20% of Air Tahiti Nui’s flight attendants have been suspended (and will likely be fired) after being busted in a drug smuggling ring.  Basically, they were purchasing various drugs and bringing them back to Tahiti to re-sell (at a huge profit).  The airline says this won’t affect their operations, but you’ve got to be impressed with the size of the operation.  Well done.


  1. Wow, your French is better than mine. :) Here’s the freetranslation.com version. You’ve got to wonder about the survival of this airline. So far, at least, it doesn’t seem like management is involved. Those who follow these things may recall the Argentine carrier, SouthernWinds, that went out of business shortly after a similar drug bust a couple years ago.

    Several tens of air employees Tahiti sue for illegal dealings in drug. The criminal court, that will hold on this occasion “an exceptional meeting”, will have thus to judge close to 20% of the personnel sailing company. These employees bought, to the United States principally, quantities “sometimes important” of drugs (marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, etc.), to consume them or to sell them to Tahiti with a profit that “one can easily multiply by ten or sometimes even by fifteen”, one has specified judicial sources. The airline company, that decided to carry itself civil party in the file, wants reassuring itself and asserts that “all the concerned personnel were withdrawn service” and that the effective ones allow following “normally” the flight operations. Already in 2005, a co-pilote of the company had been condemned to 15 months of prison of which three farm for ecstasy possession. It was equally suspected to have consumed this drug while it piloted the air airbus Harmed Tahiti between Los Angeles and Papeete.

  2. Love the free translators. “a profit that “one can easily multiply by ten or sometimes even by fifteen””

  3. i saw your article about the drug dealers in Air Tahiti Nui,and i am very surprised that for the moment,there is no evidence that they brought the drugs in tahiti from los angeles.and in french law,if you are not found guilty,you are presumed innocent and free,which is not the case for the 33 staff and not the 20% of the staff ( wrong translation ??),why had they been evicted from the company? also,customs haven’t found drugs when they were operating.isn’t it strange????

  4. And, for those who read French, and want to know more than what Air Tahiti Nui management wanted the press people to publish, just go and have a look on http://comitedesoutienauxpnc.blogspot.com
    Thanks in advance for them