Stuck on Delayed Plane, Passenger Uses Police to Get Him Taken Off

The NY Times has an interesting story about yet another flight stranding passengers on a plane for 5 hours.  A passenger on the Comair flight from JFK to Detroit was fed up after spending 5 hours on the aircraft, which had no air conditioning.  After being told by the pilot that the long delay meant that they now had to switch crews, the passenger, who owns a company that makes small cameras, marched up to the cockpit and starting interviewing the pilot about what was going on.  After the pilot mentioned that he could call the police to have the passenger removed, he realized that this was his chance to get off the plane.

So, the police came and removed everyone (which is what they wanted in the first place), interviewed the passenger, and released him (as he had done nothing wrong).

If you’ve flown this summer, you’ve noticed that the delay situation is completely out of control (my wife arrived home at 3am after a 6 hour delay in Minneapolis last week, and another friend told me about a 4:30am arrival of his Atlanta – JFK flight this week).  Nothing’s going to change, but pity for all of us who actually have to fly this summer.  Get used to it — it’s not getting better.


  1. What a nightmare to be stuck on a plane for that long! Kudos to the guy smart enough to find a way to get off the plane and kudos to the police for being practical enough not to arrest him.

  2. Why don’t you complain to the FAA or DOT. If that doesn’t work your money could be spent on bus or car travel instead of airline travel. You act like pilots and flight attendants do this to you personally, have you forgotten that they do this everyday? Do you think that they like sitting in that same situation for hours everyday? When the FAA spends money on the ATC system you will see progress until then stop blaming flightcrews.