3 Nights in Paris, $389

(Thanks to Frommers for the heads up):

Still looking for that cheap vacation to Paris?  You probably won’t beat this:  Tourcrafters is offering a 3 night package to Paris, including air from New York and room at the Holiday Inn Bibliotheque for a ridiculous $389.  The price is good November 15 through March 15 (excluding Xmas and New Year’s, of course).  You have to book by June 29th.  Can’t beat this one…


  1. Well, I’ll bet you COULD beat this. While the details are a bit scant and the website somewhat amateurish (do you want to trust a travel agent who sells tickets from “Philadelfia”?), the MINIMUM additional markup is $250 ($150 for a “fuel surcharge and $100 in taxes). There may also be a “weekend surcharge,” but that’s vague. But at a minimum, we’re talking $639 per person for this package! Not horrible, but not terrific either. With a little patience, it should be possible to buy an all-in airfare from New York to Paris for under $450 for November (and possibly much less, you never know). That gives a couple about $400 for 3 nights hotel. Using Hotwire, you could get a better 4-star hotel in central Paris for about that (priceline may be less). So where are the savings?

  2. Well, thanks for the tip from Frommers. I agree the price looks pretty decent.

    In response, I am not one to pinch pennies and possibly look to save a couple of dollars here and there by spending time on 50 different travel websites over a period of a couple of months. Do you tag along with the wife to 50 different shops before she ends up buying an outfit?

    Though, I do check Tripadvisor for hotel input, and the Holiday Inn Bibliotheque is a toss up. The reviews are a little shakey. A bad flight does not phase me (read worse experiences than mine on this blog.. haha), but a bad hotel stay takes the cake.

  3. Flights to Paris will rarely be $450 all in anymore because the fuel charges and exchange rates are so crazy. November flights are already looking at almost $700 (though sale fares haven’t yet kicked in). I still contend this is a good deal :)

  4. Yeah. Does the price include the surcharges and fees and taxes? Even still, the price looks pretty great. Good find.

  5. The price doesn’t include fees, but it’s a deal…