Sewage Grounds Stinky Continental Flight

Passengers on a Continental flight from Amsterdam to Newark last week said that service stunk – literally.

A problem with the toilets caused the flight to stop in Shannon, Ireland, overnight as mechanics tried to fix the issue.  The flight re-departed the next day, but the plumbing backed up again,  leaving only 1 toilet working for the 200 people.  To me the best part was that flight attendants were telling people not to eat or drink anything as they were doing their meal service.


  1. Ouch. That must have been horrible. I think i heard about this incident before and I heard the sewage was seeping out into the passenger compartment.

  2. I was on the flight and it was pretty bad. The flight attendents kept giving the first class passengers free booze and they kept using the toilets even after we were told not to. The flight attendents were posing for pictures with their masks and gloves on like it was a joke. According to the airlines, a latex glove was the problem and I don’t believe that was from a passenger. I finally got my travel voucher last week but I wish it was a check so I don’t have to fly continental again.