Northwest to Fly New York to Dallas Because of Vengeance

American Airlines recently announced that it will launch nonstop flights from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Minneapolis, a route that is dominated by Northwest.  In a petty and vengeful move, Northwest just announced that they will launch nonstop flights from LaGuardia to Dallas, a route dominated by American Airlines.  The beauty of this is that Northwest has zero feeder traffic into either airport, meaning that they are willing to lose a fortune on this route just to torture American.  And yes, ridiculous moves like this were one of the reasons Northwest had been sitting in bankruptcy for a couple of years.  Well done.


  1. Well, I don’t know how crazy this strategy is. Everyone knows that if you offer a new flight to one of NW’s hubs that isn’t from your own hub, NW will retaliate. They do it time and again. So, sure, the retaliatory routes are money losers, but how many OTHER new flights does NW PREVENT by adopting this strategy? I’d bet lots — EVERYONE with a brain knows not to mess with NW hubs, which apparently the folks at AA have to relearn.

    As far as NW’s bankruptcy goes, that’s a whole other ball of wax perhaps best left for another time. FWIW, I still think that bankruptcy was pretty voluntary, a convenient way to lower costs (as long as you weren’t concerned about your shareholders).

  2. I really don’t see why NW would retaliate in this manner. As the entry and the first poster said, NW has no feeder traffic from either airport. I’m wondering why NW doesn’t just add frequency on the MSP-LGA flight to kill off the threat from AA instead of going in the red on the DFW-LGA route?

    NW’s main priority should be creating profitable routes and strengthening its core business so they have the money to expand their presence in other markets. This would make their attempts at revenge closer to profitability and would give them some cash to work with…

  3. Yeah I don’t know why Northwest is adopting this petty policy of retaliation. They really need to work on improving their service and increasing profitability. Their customer service rankings are horrible.

  4. NW is possibly the worst “major” domestic carrier from a consumer’s perspective (read “they’re true a-holes”). It’s not surprising that their juvenile treatment of customers is echoed throughout their business.