AirAsiaX to Launch in September

AirAsiaX, the lowfare long-haul carrier from the folks at AirAsia, will launch in September with flights to as-yet-unannounced cities that will probably include Manchester, England, Kuala Lumpur, 2 cities in China and a city or two in Australia.  Fares will start at $10 each way and average about $300 round trip.  While the initial launch with be on regularly configured A330s, they will be taking ownership of new A330s next year that will fit 396 people, about 100 more people than a typical configuration.  Fun!

If anyone can make this work, it’s the AirAsia team, which has single-handedly changed flying in Southeast Asia.


  1. Please keep me well informed of you first flight to Kuala Lumpur for I would love tobe your very first passengers. I can’t wait for your cheap long haul flight to start .

  2. Excited Grandma

    Please keep me informed on your flights to England, as my daughter who is 37 is
    expecting my first grandchild round November/ December. As and I am almost 60 it will be exciting, if I can get over there to see them . Thanks.

  3. Please keep me informed of your flights to UK. I would very much like to celebrate my mothers 80th Birthday with her.


  5. I am looking forward to flying with airasiaX.

    Keep me posted!

  6. andine dobbie

    please keep me posted as I am from london living in OZ and would dearly love my family to see my 2 children aged 6 years and 10 months.

  7. Please keep me inform of your first flight to Australia as my whole family is planning a trip to Gold Coast.

  8. Please keep me updated with flights and fares as we regularly fly to Adelaide and Manchester from Sydney. Thankyou

  9. sharon smedley

    please keep me inform for flights to england as my partner has not been able to get back to see his boys in 6 years and misses them vey much.

  10. I would love to know if they will fly KL-Melbourne early 2008.

  11. Hi,

    Can you please tell me what is AirAsia X’s postal address?




  13. My husband has spent a lot of time in Malaysia and I would love to share it with him. When can we expect these flight from Avalon to KL

  14. vanda kalaitzakis

    please keep me informed special fares to KualaLumpa and other countries

  15. Have been planning to travel to Malaysia please drop us a line when you kick off business fromAvalon. regards Sue

  16. I’d love to receive some info on cheap flights to Asia …

  17. Just read about yr cheap airfares in the Herald Sun today, I am so excited, please keep me informed of yr special fares, especially to Kuala Lumpur, its great to hear there’s another airline that can offer cheaper fares, especially with a large family like ours, its so expensive to travel oversea…. thanks again.

  18. great, keep me posted i’d love to see family and friends again!

  19. Keep me posted please. Great idea!

  20. Good luck and please keep me posted, I love travelling so hopefully now can afford to do more of it!

  21. Pleasekeep me inform of fares and flight dates. Thanks.

  22. I loooove KL please let me know when cheap airfares are available so l can come shopping again!!

  23. Could you please inform me when you release your first flights out of Melbourne austrlaia to KL. Thankyou l look forward to travelling with your airline.

  24. Please contact me when Coolangatta/K.L schedule is finalised.Have already flown 3 times with a/asia.very impressed. Jon Wyatt,Sawtell,N.S.W

  25. please keep me inform of the flight to aus…..
    hope this take place by sept 2007 looking forward flying in airasia long haul………..

  26. Sandra Nasarenko

    My bags are packed and I am ready to go!!!! Keep me on your mailing list. How exciting.

  27. what about flights from dub to bkk

  28. i am a merdeka child and i want to go back to Malaysia for the 50th anniversary of independence, which is also my birth date. i do not have enough cash to fly any other airline, and have heard of this amazing offer of $31 per ticket. i would like to purchase 4 tickets at $31 to have my family with me. Please inform me on my email address:

  29. Please keep me informed of any flights to Sydney, me and my boyfriend lived there for a year and would love to go back!

  30. looking forward to flying with air asia again ,only this time it will be long affordable way to take my wife and daughter back to their country,uk/kl/cnx

  31. please keep me informed asap

  32. Looking forward to Travelling from Melbourne to Stansted Essex UK. There is a bus service to where our relations live.This is better connex than Heathrow for me. And a discount fare great.

  33. Will AirAsia fly from KL to Delhi in October? I’d like to use it!

  34. Really looking forward for this lowfare long-haul flights to Adelaide.Cant wait to meet my friends there & i would love to jump on your first flight..please..please keep me posted.

  35. Hi could you please let me know when i can book
    a flight to k/l please please

  36. Please keep me inform of the flight from solo (indonesia) to gold coast/coolongata (australia) return or denpasar-coolongata return or solo-kl-coolongata return..
    My mother and my father ready to flying in Airasia long houl…. to see their grand daugther and grand son.With lowfare,they can fly every year to australia.Looking forward to flying with Air asia.

  37. We loved KL please let us know when cheap airfares are available so we can come shopping again!!
    and see the rest of the beautiful country!!!

  38. We loved KL please let us know when cheap airfares are available so we can come shopping again!!
    and see the rest of the beautiful country!!!

  39. Me and my family like to spend our holiday in Malaysia so please let us know when airasia starts it flights from sydney or even close by cities ,we hoping to hear from airasia soon!!!

  40. I will need to travel regularly from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne from October 2007 and would be great if I will be able to catch the 1st flight to Melbourne.

    Please keep me posted on the starting of your flight schedule.

    All the best to AirAsia X.

    Steven Liew

  41. please keep me inform looking forward to flying air asia x all the best


  42. Christopher Hubert Wright

    Keep the good work going AirAsia X.Could you please send me the flight shedules on your long haul flights when you start them.
    Great job Airasia X

  43. looking 4 quick hol destination ,please keep me updated on special deals at quick notice.

  44. Please let me know about flights to India from the UK. Do you have to go to K.L. first?

  45. is it true low faers, but when i select a flt at a price it comes at
    me with another price, can i talk to spmeone in english