Did a Passenger Cause a Ruckus Over a Sippy Cup

A story is making the rounds about a former secret service officer getting into a bit of a tiff with TSA staff at Washington National Airport.  The former officer was flying with her small child and was said to have gotten into a disagreement with security staff over whether she could bring her son’s sippy cup through security.  As the story goes, she was detained after she refused to spill out the water in the cup. 

But the TSA has released a video of the situation showing that the woman dumped the water on the ground in front of TSA staff, which is why she was hauled off.  Moral of the story?  Not a lot of news today, so this is what I’m passing along.


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  2. How about the guy who switched his aisle seat to accomodate a mother with a young child on a flight from New York to Singapore. He ended up being moved to a middle seat between two 400 pound guys…

    Not a true story, but we all need a laugh. Where’s the love in the airline industry these days? Airline news media stories seem overly depressing, except at onlinetravelreview.com

    Love the added the humor Jared