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Fare Basis Codes That Suck

Allow me to pass along a bit of complete geek airline humor.  See below, an un-retouched screengrab from a travel agency search for a Royal Jordanian flight.  Note the fare basis code (I told you it was airline geek humor).  Even so, funny that no one ever caught this. (click the image to view…)


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  1. BHOWJO is a common one-way fare on Royal Jordanian. But I don’t recall ever actually seeing a seven character fare basis from that airline, not that it wouldn’t be possible.

    A bit of searching hasn’t turned up a BHOWJOB fare basis… Let alone one where the H is replaced by an L (though the fare could obviously have been pulled).

    What route is this?

    The only route references in the graphic above are for FLL-EWR which is obviously not Royal Jordanian…


  2. I am intrested in knowing the air line ticket details like fare codes, fare basis and fare calculation.

    Could some one educate me in this field.