JetBlue Now Available on Expedia

Good news if you use Expedia to book your tickets:  JetBlue’s flights are now available on Expedia and Hotwire.  Last year (or so) JetBlue added their flights to Travelocity after 6 years (or so) of trying to sell on their own.  Southwest Airlines also recently announced a broadened approach to selling its tickets, adding the Galileo GDS to its distribution partners after more than 30 years of just using Sabre.  I know, most of you don’t care about this stuff.  But the broader implication is that airlines have realized that at the right price (ie, if GDSs lower their fees enough), it’s worth using a third party to sell your tickets.  We still may see GDSs charging travel agencies a fee (whereas now, for the most part, travel agents receive a payment for using a GDS), which means passing that fee on to you, the customer.  Not yet — but soon.  Maybe.


  1. I’m really not impressed by them picking up JetBlue. Meta search sites like Sidestep have had JetBlue for quite some time now and there are STILL no booking fees to deal with (As you mentioned).