Skybus to St. Augustine, Nassau?

(If you don’t care about Skybus, please carry on…)

A tech-savvy OTR reader has passed on the following links:

which suggest that Nassau and Jacksonville will be Skybus’ next cities.  A USA Today blurb confirms that Jacksonville may likely start up in early July.  By "Jacksonville" I mean, of course, St. Augustine Airport, 40 miles from Jacksonville.  In any case, look for Skybus to tweak their schedule going forward – wouldn’t be shocked to see Kansas City and Greensboro leave the ol’ route map.


  1. A not-so-tech-savvy reader (me) found this.

    It seems to mirror the links provided above. However, It would seem that Skybus has some VERY lofty plans. I don’t know if it’s a fluke or what, but the Sagarei (SGJ) in Papua New Guinea as a possible destination. I really hope that Skybus succeeds. I was born and raised in Columbus. It IS a very nice place to live and visit.

  2. St. Augustine is on the list twice. UST is the IATA location identifier; SGJ is the FAA identifier, although, as you mentioned, IATA uses it for Aagarei.