Ryanair to Advertise Fares with All Fees Included

Ryanair has been bashed repeatedly for being consumer unfriendly, but they announced a very consumer-happy move yesterday:  all of their advertised fares will now include taxes.  While this seems like a small deal, advertised fares can have upwards of $150 in taxes missing, so that $99 advertised fare to London actually works out to be $375.  Quite a difference.  US carriers have (obviously) fought including these fees in their fares, but it’s ridiculous that they don’t…


  1. Actually if you do a fare search on United.com they do include taxes. Not sure about the other airlines but I know USAirways does not. You’ll see a fare of say, $79, then when you go and purchase it BAM it magically becomes $107. Not on United. If you see that a fare is $79 that’s what it is.

  2. I think sites like Expedia and Travelocity should take some notes from Ryanair. Sure they should have disclosed any fees and taxes a lot sooner, but the truth is Expedia and Travelocity don’t’ show you the extra booking fees that go into your fare until you’re actually booking your flight. I say stick with meta search sites like Sidestep that don’t’ have the booking fees. After that, it’s up to the airline to be truthful about those fees. Like one of the comments mentioned, it is ridiculous if they do not include the fees.