Miami Airport’s Alcohol Problem

Officials at Miami’s airport are reminding passengers that you cannot carry duty free liquor on the plane because of the insanely stupid rule about having liquid in 3 ounce or smaller quantities.  Officials at the airport confiscated more than 6,000 pounds of liquor in February alone (yes, pounds.  For whatever reason that’s how they measured it).  Passengers coming from cruises and Caribbean vacations seem to be the primary cause, as they’ve forgotten that they could potentially blow up an airplane with a fifth of rum.


  1. I just flew back to the US from St. Martin via Puerto Rico and the flight attendant came on before we landed in San Juan to remind everyone that if they’d bought duty free alcohol in St. Martin they had to put it in their checked luggage when they picked their bags up to clear customs, or it would be confiscated.

    Better to get that warning late than never, I guess, but still. Annoying to think you’re free and clear to carry a bottle of rum on board, then discover that you’re not.