Pilots Fired for Drug Smuggling, Sightseeing

Two naughty pilot stories:

(Via Sanj):  A pilot with City Star Airlines (?) was fired after he took an unscheduled detour to show his co-pilot some scenery during a flight from Aberdeen to Shetland in Scotland.  The bad part is that he told the co-pilot to turn off the plane’s automatic warning system after it sounded an alarm that the pilot was flying too low.  The co-pilot did as he was told and later said that he did not take control of the airplane from the pilot because he thought it was too dangerous.  The fired captain’s name was Captain Old.  Dunn was under Oveur and I was under Dunn.  As they said in Airplane 2.  Carrying on…

An Alitalia pilot was fired after he was caught smuggling cocaine in the cockpit when he was flying between Caracas and Milan.  A colleague opened a glove compartment and found 1.8 kilos of cocaine in it.  The pilot’s defense, no joke, is that it was not for selling, just for personal use.  Oh good.

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