Delta to Launch Nigeria Service

Bravo to Delta for announcing nonstop service from Atlanta to Lagos, Nigeria, beginning in December.  Any nonstop service to Africa is a plus for Americans and even moreso for those living in African nations who were forced to stop in London or Paris anytime they wanted to go anywhere (which makes doing business there even more difficult).  Speaking of difficult, in the linked article you’ll notice that a spokesman for North American Airlines (which flies thrice weekly to Lagos from New York) calls the market "challenging" which is code for "good luck bribing your way through that mess."

To steal a comment from the board, this service will also make it easier for Atlantans to fly to Lagos to pick up their $34,720,000 they’re helping a prince smuggle out of the country.


  1. Continental was on the verge of starting service to Nigeria last year, but pulled out at the last minute. The rumor mill (unconfirmed) was that the airline couldn’t figure out a way to ethically do business in the country. There was also a safety issue for crew. Certainly a tough place to do business. Delta, though, seems willing to try just about anything now.

  2. No safety issue for all other European airlines that fly the route,why will there be safety issue for US airline crew members.

    US oil companies does not have ethical issue drilling for oil in Nigeria,why should the airline industry have any ethical issue flying the route.

    Racist dumb ass

  3. owolabi yemi adekunle

    sir, i we be very glad if i could secure my employment with your airline .a’m a graduate from Federal university of technology,minna niger-state nigeria.currently with SAHCOL(shypower aviation handling company)MMIA Ikeja lagos.thanks.

  4. Nwabudike Amaechi

    Am a graduate of University of lagos,Nigeria.Bsc Political Science.
    I will be glad to be part of the success story of Delta Airline Services in Nigeria if considered.

  5. What safety issue, and frankly the whole “find an ethical way to do business there” never seemed to bother the airlines when hiking ticket prices to cover empty planes or reducing services and calling it efficiency. The notion that you can not do ethical business in Nigeria is like saying American way of doing business is the only ethical standard out there. Pulease! Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia and all those ethical oil companies that are leaving a complete an utter mess in their wake as they “ethically” export oil from this “hard to do business” country. Hallaburton didn’t seem to have a problem doing business there, of course, until they got caught paying bribes, but if anyone is niave enough to believe that Nigeria is the only place with crooked business, I’d like to sell you a hammer in Iraq for $700.00 or better yet how about a toilet for $7,000 because the the quote you get from your american companies installing it for you. Racism comes in all forms, clean up your own house before you comment on the conditions of anothers. The US isn’t in Iraq because of the people.